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Our team
Our team is comprised by professionals with broad technical knowledge, backed by Matic's long experience in the sector of textile manufacturing. 
Our own manufacturing machines as well as the renowned brands that we distribute and market in Spain allow us to have a broad vision of the manufacturing world from sewing machines; to high-frequency, electric impulse and wedge welding; ultrasonic cutting, Crush Cut; horizontal and/or vertical storage; eyelet machines, etc. 
The technical knowledge of Matic's team is today one of our greatest strengths. With speed and effectiveness, we adapt to the demands of each client adapting our machines to their production needs.  
Our team of engineers constantly develops projects so that the Matic machines are always equipped with the most advanced technology. This department offers personalized advice and development support for the implementation of new techniques, improvements in the machines, adjustments, technical designs, etc.
Many of the developments of our machines are directed at the improvement of automation in the manufacturing process. We want our clients to be able to offer finishes of higher quality without being obliged to increase their production costs. The easy adaptation to working with our machines allows an operator to be able to control more than one machine or to coordinate a series of operations simultaneously.
By finalizing the installation in the client's premises, our technicians train its operators in charge of working with the machine. 
This department is adapted to the needs and expectations of our clients, with special regards to:
-          Complete official service of all the brands represented
-          Mechanics qualified through specialized and updated training.
-          Ample hours for reception and customer assistance
-          Advice and professionalism in the resolution of incidents so that they affect the client's productivity as little possible.  
-          Guarantee
-          Maintenance contract
With more than 10,000 references in stock, Matic's spare parts department allows us to offer an optimal level of service and coverage of parts.

Polígono Industrial Coll de la Manya
Camí Cal Ros dels Ocells, 24
08403 Granollers (Barcelona) - SPAIN
Phone: (+34) 93 274 50 06
Fax: (+34) 93 345 29 48